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Holy Motors Ringtones

I’m just going to leave these completely copyright-inappropriate ringtones of “Let My Baby Ride (RL Burnside)” from the Holy Motors OST here, without comment.

Fantastic Fest 2012 Day 2 - The King of Pigs, Combat Girls, The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled, Holy Motors

Day 2 delivered four movies from four different countries, each distinctive to its origination.

School boys resist the ironic executors of the peer social structures in The King of Pigs. The harsh realities and struggling against a difficult life drive a powerful tale giving a new dimension to Lord of the Flies. It is very Korean.

An older girl fully enmeshed with the neo-nazi culture, and a younger girl trying to escape her dictatorial father intersect as they try to find themselves in Combat Girls. It is very German.

Doug Benson of Super High Me fame returns with a road trip stand-up revue in The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled. It never becomes more than a series of night clubs bits and Benson getting high repeatedly around the country, but it’s funny enough. It is very American.

Poetry and riddles risk losing meaning the further they are abstracted from their true meaning. Absurdist film has the same potential problem, and there is little separating Holy Rollers from Michael Barney’s Cremaster Cycle films. If you’re willing to completely suspend your need for any meaning then you’ll have some laughs. It is very French.