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Fantastic Fest 2012 Day 3: Besties, Berberian Sound Studio, Come Out and Play, Pusher

Next door neighbors, a popular senior girl who is worshiped and a wallflower freshman who worships, entangle when the freshman’s father leaves her alone for the weekend under the care of the senior. The quiet moments in Bestie are effectively disrupted as they find themselves in disturbing situations. This is a film that might only work at Fantastic Fest, blending an arthouse coming-of-age story and brutality.

A mousy American sound engineer who usually works on more staid affairs is flown to Italy to work on a horror giallo full of violence and satanism. A movie that will stick in your brain, Berberian Sound Studio abstracts most of the visually disturbing matter to sound effects and mixing, while crafting more complex layers of mystery and confusion.

Come Out and Play is surrounded by an absurd and pretentious publicity stunt which detracts from the film itself. People who have seen the original 1976 Spanish version of this movie, Who Can Kill a Child?, felt this remake was overshadowed by the original. I’ve never seen that movie, so despite (the publicity stunts and) a few annoying tropes to set up the tension I ended the movie loving it. The story of a man and his pregnant wife vacationing in Mexico where they end up in a town desserted of adults is creepy and satisfying.

Another remake, of the more recent 1996 Refn version, Pusher is the story of a drug dealer caught in the middle of his demanding supplier and his unreliable buyers. I usually make a connection with drug movies that I believe I missed here. Either the director missed the mark or my lack of exposure to cocaine left me thinking nods to the original — particularly Snatch — have done a better job with this genre.